But enough about Rome.  Not really.  I’ll get back to it, for sure.  I just got an important e-bulletin, though,  from Ten Thousand Villages, a major resource for Enlightened Shoppers.  Every single thing you purchase there helps take the global standard of living up a notch. 

            This latest e-bulletin featured Haitian handicrafts – graceful sculpted figures made  from local river stone, and heart-lifting metal wallhangings (“Tree of Life,” “Creole Garden”) and objects (turtles, birds, musicians, dancers!) made from oil drums that have been pounded, hand-cut and sometimes painted – that are really works of art.

            Some of them are presently on sale.  But aesthetically speaking, they’re always a bargain.

            Upon reading the e-mail I felt like running right downtown to our local Ten Thousand Villages and snapping up one of those turtles.  Or at least taking some pictures.  But unfortunately, we’re pretty snowed-in here.  Eight more inches arrived last night.

            So for the moment, here’s a detail of a Haitian painting I bought years and years ago in Port au Prince. 

            It’s not for sale, of course, but it does a really good job of conveying the SPIRIT of what is, at (search for “Comite Artisinal Haitien”).

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