Unfortunately, the flower situation in Rome is reminiscent of the flower situation in everywhere else, which reflects the realities of our global marketplace – i.e. it’s really hard to come by cut flowers these days that smell as good as they look and don’t cost a fortune. 

            On the other hand, you can be walking along a street in Rome and all of a sudden, right there on the sidewalk, just like that, are olive trees for sale!  You can just pop into the average flower shop and buy an olive tree for your terrazza overlooking the Piazza di Spagna! 

How cool is that?

            But to return to the flower situation.  Shortly after I noticed that stopping to smell the roses in Campo de’ Fiori is just as disappointing as in my local Stop ‘n Shop, I began to see that in Rome, at least, flowers have become this year’s most popular motif for just about everything, perhaps by way of compensation.  As in the necklace at the top of this post.

Here’s some more flower power, Italian style:



And finally — Le tram aux camellias!  

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