The Angel


Of all the gazillions of angels out there, Raphael and Gabriel are probably the most famous. But my own favorite is Mazelel.

She’s the angel who, back in Biblical times, had the brilliant idea of getting the stars to gather into sparkling pictures so everyone on earth could use the sky as a map to keep from getting lost.

That’s when steering by the stars began – and also wishing on the stars! And it could be why ‘mazal’, the Hebrew word for ‘constellation’ came to be associated with ‘luck’ – as in ‘mazel tov’!

I’ve never personally met Mazelel, but I have it on good authority (my mother, who heard it from her grandfather who came from a village in Russia where they know about such things) that she’s actually shaped like a star – and not just any star, but the Star of David, one of the oldest symbols of good fortune.

So it was only natural that one day when I needed something lucky and also sparkly to give a friend who was feeling lost, I made a charm for her in my favorite angel’s image.

Now Mazelel can be your lucky star/ angel, too!

May she protect you on all your journeys!

(Free Shipping!)

The ½" sterling silver Mazelel charm on an 18" chain (also sterling) costs $45 and comes beautifully packaged in a story card perfect for sliding into a greeting card ‐ all of which adds up to the perfect Bat Mitzvah gift! But it's also ideal for any other occasion you can think of, or, if you can't think of one, just as a token of affection. And there is no better get well or hang in there gift!

I donate 10% of the proceeds from my sales to cancer research, which makes it all the more meaningful.

Both charm and chain are made in the U.S.A.