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Recently, I've also become a jewelry designer. Well, I've designed one piece of jewelry, anyway – and who knows what this will lead to? Have you ever heard of Mazelel? She's the angel who made the stars lucky. So one day when I needed a really uplifting gift for a friend who was facing major surgery, the vision of a Mazelel charm flew into my mind. The charm arrived in my imagination just as you see it in the picture – in the form of both an angel and a Star of David. Which makes it two lucky charms in one. So it's twice as potent, twice as empowering, and twice as meaningful as any other star or angel – I guarantee you won't find another star/angel – charm out there.

I cut-and-pasted that first Mazelel charm out of shiny silver paper and gave it to my friend, who took it to the hospital with her. She got through the surgery with flying colors, and has always thought Mazelel had at least a little something to do with that! Of course, the new and improved Mazelel charm shines even brighter in sterling silver (and it'll last a whole lot longer, too). Wait till you see it catch the light and glow! Click on the angel to find out more!

Image: The Angel charm